Jane Gang

The Jane Gang is back! This top flight 3 to 8 piece Funk, R&B, Jazz group has reunited. They'll be playing some R&B, oldies, Steely Dan, a little Jazz... maybe something you haven't heard for awhile.

Friday's food and drink specials include: All you can eat fish & fries - $9.95; 2 pieces of fish & fries - $7.25; Shrimp & fries - $6.50; all UV vodka is $2.50 and Jag Bombs - $4.00.

Happy hour is from 4 to 7 pm. For just $2.00 you can get a domestic bottle of beer, a rail drink or a 22 ounce glass of domestic tap beer. Plus, appetizers are $3.95 and chicken wings are $4.95.