A very Laura Velvet Christmas

Come celebrate the holiday season with Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys. Enjoy a mix of regular Laura Velvet songs along with your favorite Christmas Classics!

Smooth, Sultry and Seductive. Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys transport the listener to a bygone era of smokey nightclubs and speakeasy's. From Jazz, to Rock to Funk and Soul, Laura does it all. 

Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys feature a unique blend of fresh, young vocal talent and versatile, experienced musicians. Through performances that are as much time travel as music events, Laura Velvet wows audiences with sultry tunes from torch singers of the 1960s as well as danceable hits of quintessential Motown girl groups. 

Laura Velvet is all about great musicians working hard to bring extraordinary entertainment to audiences looking for something more than a band.  This complete show with soaring vocals, energetic music and dazzling costumes is guaranteed to please!

Enjoy dinner and the music of Laura Velvet and the Bookhouse Boys! Bulldogs and Russians are $3.00 and large pizzas are $3.00 off (Alfredo excluded).