Zenith City Sharps

With so many opportunities to hear live music, why the Sharps? The answer is clear- when you hear their smooth renditions of the great American classics in all of its sonic splendor, you’ll be brought back to an era of music with meaning...brilliant in detail and instrumentation that would make even the Chairman tip his hat. No gimmicks, no banjos and no ear-crushing volume, the Sharps aim to please by way of their velvety timbre and mastery of the songs you know and love.

Get here early for a great seat. Enjoy dinner and the music of the Zenith City Sharps Friday, February 15th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Plus, it's Fish Fry Friday! Two pieces of fish & fries are just $7.95 or all you can eat for $9.95! Shrimp and fries are just $6.95. Jag Bombs are $4.00 and shots of Jag and Dr. McGillicutty’s are just $3.00.